Bad Assumptions About Hearing Protection

Bad Assumptions About Hearing Protection


by Brad K. Witt, MA, CCC-A Director of Hearing Conservation

Any good proof is based upon assumptions: if the assumptions are good, the proof is valid. If the assumptions are bad, then the proof is worthless, or as writer Angelo Donghia puts it, “Assumption is the mother of screw-up.1
In the world of personal protective equipment, bad assumptions are hazardous and can result in injury — or worse. Unfortunately, despite 25 years of solid regulation, some persistent bad assumptions are very widespread in Hearing Conservation Programs (HCPs). Here are six of the most common bad assumptions about hearing protection for noise-exposed workers. Perpetuated unchecked, these assumptions torpedo an otherwise healthy Hearing Conservation Program, and leave the door open for hearing loss among workers exposed to hazardous noise.

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