Protect your hearing at the Super Bowl

Protect your hearing at the Super Bowl


Even with the roof open, the 2015 Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium is going to be loud. To that end, we've assembled a few quick hearing protection tips for those lucky enough to attend the game live. After all, protecting your hearing can help you live life all the way so that you can enjoy the craziness -- and the quiet sounds, too!

Our tips:

  • Leave your vuvuzela and cowbells home. In fact, musical instruments and other noise making devices are banned in the stadium. This includes but is not limited to "items like air horns, cowbells and whistles." That's good news for your ears.
  • If you must shout to be heard by two seats over all those fanatics (yes, that is what fan means), use earplugs. 
  • If you must shout to be heard by the person sitting next to you, learn some signs to communicate, use your hearing protection, and/or run for cover!

Seriously, when attending the Super Bowl -- or any loud public event (games, rallies, concerts, etc.) -- do bring and use good quality earplugs:  

  • Find a pair that are designed for comfort -- a bell-shaped foam is great.
  • Select a corded style -- to keep from getting lost in the shuffle & excitement.
  • Read the label. Pick an earplug that is the right size for your ear canal. (For small ear canals consider MaxSmall 
  • Follow the instructions to achieve the proper fit. Practice!
  • Consider Howard Leight's Super Leight Corded []. They're widely available -- click here to see where

Then, get ready to get loud -- while protecting your hearing. And enjoy the game!


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