Hearing Loss Prevention: The Basics (HPDs) at 2011 NHCA Conference

Hearing Loss Prevention: The Basics (HPDs) at 2011 NHCA Conference


As hearing conservationists, we need up-to-date information about noise measurement, audiometric testing, record keeping, hearing protection, motivating workers and how to put it all together for an effective hearing loss prevention program. And here is an opportunity to get that information from experts in the field. My presentation will focus on hearing protectors as part of the solution. We’ll look at the how they are tested and rated (with particular reference to the NRR), and some of the new technologies to help you solve your hearing conservation concerns.

If you're attending the NHCA Annual Conference in Phoenix this week, please join us tomorrow at 8:30 for our workshop, "Hearing Loss Prevention: The Basics (HPDs)."

I hope to see you there!


Dr. Theresa Y. Schulz (Lt. Col., retired, U.S. Air Force)

Blog Author:  Theresa Y. Schulz / Ph.D Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)  
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