Q&A: What are some new technologies/products being used in hearing protection safety?

Q&A: What are some new technologies/products being used in hearing protection safety?


While not new, earplug fit testing is now at a tipping point. Many companies that had piloted earplug fit testing at one or two facilities are now expanding their programs company-wide, and officially incorporating it into their Hearing Conservation Programs.

At past National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) conferences, several presentations emphasized the role of earplug fit testing in the success of changing and improving their HCPs. Some use it for effective earplug selection, some for the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) each worker achieves, some for one-on-one worker training, some for documentation of training, and some for all.
But even more, we see and hear that the workers themselves are more excited about fit testing. Like a cholesterol check or other medical tests, earplug fit testing gives each worker their own PAR to achieve and the firm understanding of what a properly fit earplug feels like in each ear. Essentially, this provides each worker with the self-efficacy that they can perform this simple task – and do it well time and time again.
Also, intelligent hearing protection is becoming more common within occupational Hearing Conservation Programs. These devices combine both passive and active hearing protection, including Active Noise Reduction or sound level adjustment to keep amplified sounds (impulse or otherwise) to safe levels, and connect to communication radios. The ability to clearly hear and communicate with others in high-noise environments is often life-critical; the difference between hearing “Get back!” and “On track!” can be the difference between life and death. Traditional circumaural headset-style communication systems can provide only so much protection and often result in distorted vocal communication for the wearer. New in-ear intelligent protection systems can deliver a higher level of protection and clear voice communications that can enable workers to be more efficient on the job.
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