Intelligent hearing protection and continuous monitoring via in-ear dosimetry

Intelligent hearing protection and continuous monitoring via in-ear dosimetry


Some intelligent hearing protectors incorporate in-ear dosimetry to continuously monitor the personal sound exposure a worker experiences during the course of the work day, whether from protected or unprotected exposures, or from in-ear radio communications. This real-time feedback identifies if the worker is safely protected, approaching their prescribed permissible exposure limit, or have been overexposed and are at higher risk for noise-induced hearing loss. In addition, with this data, safety managers can immediately identify workers who are at additional risk in the event of an emergency.

This feedback not only helps workers to better identify when and where they must wear hearing protection – and properly – it also allows safety managers to more efficiently deploy workers, especially in extreme noise where dual protection is often required. At-risk workers or those with a documented hearing loss also benefit from the real-time monitoring. Through continuous monitoring, workers can become more aware of their noise exposures and take actions on their own to prevent further occupational noise exposure.
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