Intelligent hearing protection and verifiable protection via fit check

Intelligent hearing protection and verifiable protection via fit check


In observations, we have all seen a worker wearing a communication headset with one earcup on one ear, and one off of the other. Why? Because they could not hear their surrounding environment or communicate with their co-workers, losing situational awareness – such as that helicopter behind them on the helideck or the mine alarm sounding – putting them and their co-workers at a higher risk of accident. With one ear consistently exposed to hazardous noise, that worker is at a high risk for noise-induced hearing loss.

Though earplug fit testing can quantify at the time of selection and training a worker’s Personal Attenuation Rating from that fit of that earplug at that time, how can one verify the worker’s continued fit and protection from hazardous noise throughout the course of work day? While most intelligent or active hearing protectors deliver a moderate level of passive attenuation and in-ear models can be validated through earplug fit testing, there are some protectors that validate a minimum amount of attenuation in each ear upon start-up. This provides immediate feedback to the worker as to whether or not they have properly fit his or her protector, and if they have achieved a minimum level of protection. 
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