Intelligent hearing protection: Extreme tech for extreme noise

Intelligent hearing protection: Extreme tech for extreme noise


Safety professionals seek emerging technologies that can streamline hazard mitigation and enhance worker efficiency not only with personal protective equipment but also their job tasks. In occupational Hearing Conservation, we see this through the adoption of earplug fit testing to validate each worker’s selection and training on the use of earplugs.

Specifically in extreme noise environments, intelligent hearing protection bridges the gap between providing adequate hearing protection and one’s ability to clearly communicate without compromising speech intelligibility. Too much protection, and a worker cannot communicate clearly and is vulnerable to other safety hazards. Too little protection, and the worker is inadequately protected and at a higher risk for noise-induced hearing loss.
There is a segment of workers who must not only balance sufficient hearing protection, but also manage two-way radio communications in often extreme noise environments. These workers face a different set of challenges from workers who use passive hearing protectors, mainly the need to intelligibly understand and communicate using radios while protecting themselves from hazardous noise exposures.
In the workplace, intelligent hearing protection not only provides active hearing protection, situational awareness, and clear communication, it can also act as a functional enabler to improve worker productivity and efficiency.
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