Hearing Protection Fit Testing and Training

Hearing Protection Fit Testing and Training


In recent years, fit-testing of hearing protectors has become available from several manufacturers.  Similar to a qualitative respirator fit-test, an earplug fit-test assesses the actual protectors worn by the workers in the field. 

Any earplug from any manufacturer may be used.   Fit testing provides a formal metric from which one can determine whether employees are receiving optimal protection for their noise environment, require additional training on how to fit their ear plugs, or need to try a different model. 


The result of a fit-test is a Personal Attenuation Rating -- a personal measurement of how much noise is being blocked by the protector, just as it is being worn by the worker at that moment. 


For the safety manager, fit-testing fulfills regulatory requirements for training with documented results.


For employees, it demonstrates the importance of proper protection in the workplace, and helps them select and compare protectors to find the best choice for their ears and specific applications.



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