Pocket a Pair for Home

Pocket a Pair for Home


"Noise hazards are not exclusive to the workplace," says Theresa Y. Schulz, PhD, Hearing Conservation Manager for Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products

Her advice is sound today, and employees and employers alike should take heed.
Some of the most familiar sounds of summer -  sporting events, rock concerts, ATVs, chainsaws, lawnmowers, power tools — can generate as much (or even more) noise than one's workplace.
And where there's noise, they're a danger of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
Employers would be smart to permit — even promote — the home use of hearing protection devices (HPDs).
After all, preventing noise-induced hearing loss at home, as well as at work, is in the best interest of everyone --employers, in terms of personal health, as well as employers -- in terms of safety, productivity, or even potential worker's compensation claims.

What can employers do? 
  • Raise the discussion of the dangers of noise from everyday, at-home activities
  • Specify which hearing protectors are freely available for home use
  • Urge employees to a "Pocket a Pair for Home" by posting signs near earplug dispensers
In short, employers would best to turn earplug use into a habit.
And with summer in full swing (and with all of the noise it brings), the timing couldn't be better to enjoy the season, be safe, and "Pocket a Pair for Home."


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