Sound is a Powerful Sense

Sound is a Powerful Sense


I noticed in the March 1, 2010,  issue of Time magazine a summary of studies discussed in an article by Martin Lindstrom in which brain activity, sweat response, pupil dilation and facial muscles were used to measure emotion in response to various sounds.

The researchers were doing "neuromarketing research" to determine how sounds effect our emotions which in turn effect how we buy.

Sounds that we hear DO effect our emotions and certainly effect more than what we buy - they effect where we go, (restaurant ratings on noise) and where we live (quality of life), and our relationships (when someone can't hear - we tend to withdraw from them and them from us).

What sounds make you happy?

Do you avoid loud restaurants?

What sounds make you tense or anxious?  

What sounds relax you?  

Therapists suggest the use of visual imagery to relax and de-stress - auditory sound imagery can also relax us.  You might consider recording relaxing sounds and playing them back when you need a stress break!

Blog Author:  Theresa Y. Schulz / PhD. Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)  
Blog Catagories:  HearForever  

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