Motivation Tool #1: You’re Not a Superman!

Motivation Tool #1: You’re Not a Superman!


Here are a few tools to help motivate workers to protect their hearing on- and off-the-job.

Number one is to teach workers that they truly are susceptible to noise damage. Prove to them that they are vulnerable to noise-induced hearing loss.
We’ve all seem them ... the 20 year-old workers that walk through the door and just think that they're a Superman. “I'm young. I’m healthy. Noise doesn’t bother me. That’s for the older people.” Well, we need to dispel that illusion of invulnerability.
One method is to use a Noise Thermometer poster or other information that shows what the noise level of their machinery really is ... even let them observe the noise level as you take a reading with a sound level meter. “Your press machine is 92 dB, but hearing damage can occur above 85 dB.”
If we can prove to them that they are working on equipment that is above the hazardous level, then they are a little bit more likely to take it seriously.
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