Motivation Tool #2: Fast Forward

Motivation Tool #2: Fast Forward


A second important step in motivating workers is to show them what it’s like to have that hearing loss due to loud noise.

In other words, demonstrate what the future risk will be. We want to fast-forward that employee’s worklife to show them what their hearing will be like in 10, 20, 30 years.. 

Most occupational injuries -- falls, cuts, bruises -- have immediate consequences, but not so with noise-induced hearing loss. When we lose hearing due to loud noise, it is typically a very slow process over the course of months and years. The decline is so gradual that the workers themselves rarely notice it until it is too late. If we can somehow fast forward for that worker what it's like to have that noise-induced hearing loss, maybe they’ll think a bit more about it and take preventive measures.
It’s easy to demonstrate the future risk by providing some audio demonstrations of what noise-induced hearing loss is.
A number of these simulations are available on-line and can be downloaded free from NASA and NIOSH. You can also simulate a high-frequency hearing loss by turning down the tone control on your stereo to cut off the high frequencies and boost the bass tones to an uncomfortable level. 
A page of text can be read, intentionally removing high frequency sounds like S, SH, K, P, T TH and CH. 
In most cases, this is a fairly accurate simulation of a noise-induced hearing loss.
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