Motivation Tool #4: Provide Immediate Feedback

Motivation Tool #4: Provide Immediate Feedback


A fourth valuable tool in motivating workers to use Hearing Protection properly is the immediate feedback that comes from fit testing. Tools like VeriPRO® ear plug fit testing or QuietDose™ in-ear dosimetry give workers immediate feedback as to whether they're using that Hearing Protection the right way.

In a typical Hearing Conservation Program, it can often be months or even years before an employee knows that he's not wearing hearing protection properly. In our training, we’ve often seen workers who have been on the job for 10, 20, 30 years, and yet are surprised when they learn how to fit earplug properly. Often by then, a significant amount of hearing has been lost.
Some workers come with the attitude of, “I don't need that hearing protection – I’ve grown accustomed to the noise. The noise used to bother me the first week or two on the job, but I've gotten used to it. My ears have toughened up.”
Well, I have news for you! The ears have no way to toughen up. The brain can grow accustomed to noise. You can sit in a room for a few minutes and finally tune out the ventilation system or the ambient sounds. But the ears constantly hear that sound. The ears don't have any secret valve that turns off and turns on to allow good noise in and keep bad noise out.
If someone says they’ve grown accustomed to the noise or the noise doesn't bother them as much as it used to, that is often a telltale sign that they’ve lost some hearing over the intervening months and years.
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