The Bottom Line is . . . Prevention!

The Bottom Line is . . . Prevention!


I was talking with a safety manager at one company who said, “We've been administering audiometric testing for 25 years, and now have 25 years’ worth of data that tells us that what we've been doing in our Hearing Conservation Program hasn't worked. We’ve simply documented the progression of hearing loss in our Hearing Conservation Program.”

In fact, that’s very easy to do in a Hearing Conservation Program. A safety manager can walk through all the steps of a Hearing Conservation Program, fulfilling all regulatory requirements, and still not prevent hearing loss. The bottom line of a Hearing Conservation Program is hearing loss prevention.

Some of the new solutions, like VeriPRO® ear plug fit testing and QuietDose™ in-ear dosimetry, give us the preventive tools that are not available in audiometric testing. These preventive solutions don’t just document the progression of hearing loss, but actually stop the hearing loss – prevent that hearing loss before it even happens. And that is the ultimate measure of success in a Hearing Conservation Program.
In the real world of hearing protection, it all boils down to motivating that noise-exposed worker to simply take that ear plug or ear muff and use it properly. Are there some strategies that can help motivate the workers to use that Hearing Protection properly? There certainly are. Let me define four that will help.
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