"Solutions from ISEA Experts" at 2011 National Safety Congress

"Solutions from ISEA Experts" at 2011 National Safety Congress


ISEA will host a special "Solutions from ISEA Experts" session at the 2011 National Safety Congress and Expo in Philadelphia, PA, on Tuesday, November 1 at 2 PM.

This panel will feature industry experts who will talk about the latest in PPE, including respiratory and fall protection, and – of course – hearing conservation. I’ve been asked to join this session and will share the latest information and technology on the horizon of hearing loss prevention. This session will be very interactive, where we can discuss real-world problems in the workplace and new solutions.

Although there are often no "pat answers" for the challenges we all face with personal protective equipment, we can all learn from each other’s successes and failures. Safety professionals have to know about so many issues, I hope we'll be able to provide some depth of knowledge that leads to actionable ideas and solutions.


I hope to see y'all at NSC!


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