Bob Ghent Joins the Howard Leight / HearForever Family!

Bob Ghent Joins the Howard Leight / HearForever Family!


We would like to welcome Dr. Robert M. Ghent to the Howard Leight / HearForever family as our new Acoustical Test Laboratory Manager at our San Diego, CA, facility. Prior to joining us, Bob provided consulting services in auditory research and clinical audiology, and taught audiology coursework at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Prior to his consulting endeavors he combined audiology with his previous career as an electrical engineer in audio, electronic music, and semiconductors, and for over 12 years was a Senior Research Audiologist at the Center for Amplification and Hearing Research at Sonic Innovations in Salt Lake City, Utah, a global leader in hearing aid technology.

Early in his professional career, Bob operated two clinical practices, Beach Cities Audiology and The Musician’s Hearing Institute, in Hermosa Beach and North Hollywood, California, providing specialized hearing care to the entertainment industry.  As a life-long musician and audio engineer, Bob has been particularly and personally motivated to preserve and maintain the hearing health of the professional ear. After having spent the greater part of two decades on the remediation and rehabilitation of hearing loss, Bob is once again focused on hearing conservation and hearing loss prevention.
Bob earned his doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University - Arizona School of Health Sciences, and his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Brigham Young University. He has presented his work in various venues and been published in journals spanning audiology, hearing science, audio, and electrical engineering.
In his new role with Howard Leight, Bob oversees the Howard Leight Acoustical Test Laboratory where we test hearing protectors to regional attenuation test protocols,  perform research to support product development, and expand the profession’s knowledge base. He is also a member of the Howard Leight Hearing Conservation Team.
Welcome “Doctor Bob”!
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