Holiday Shopping: 2011’s Top Noisy Toys

Holiday Shopping: 2011’s Top Noisy Toys


Only 4 shopping days til Christmas and everyone (including Santa) is making a list and checking it twice!

For those who have been nice, you should check out the Sight and Hearing Association's annual “Noisy Toys List.”
This list educates consumers on how loud childrens’ toys are, both at its source and held 10 inches away from the ear! You’ll be surprised to find the number of toys intended for children younger than 5 years old with decibel levels that would be cause for an occupational hearing conservation program!
When considering loud toys (even those chainsaws and snowblowers for the adults), keep in mind the arm’s length rule – If you must shout to someone an arm's length or 3 feet from you, the noise is potentially hazardous. This is a noise level meter that we always keep hanging around (pun intended).  

Happy Holidays!

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