Even with the roof open, the 2015 Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium is going to be loud. To that end, we've assembled a few quick hearing protection tips for those lucky enough to attend the game live. After all, protecting your hearing can help you live life all the way so that you can enjoy the craziness -- and the quiet sounds, too!

Our tips:

 In late 2009, Kenny Dillard, faced seemingly insurmountable environmental challenges to the Hearing Conservation program at a Dalton, Ga., manufacturing facility of Shaw Industries Group, Inc., the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and a leading floor covering provider.





















Through proven ear plug fit testing technologies, safety managers and workers now have an accurate, real-world picture of hearing protector effectiveness, providing a starting benchmark on which to build their Hearing Conservation practices.




Question:  We work in a dusty, dirty place. Should I worry that my employees will get ear infections from using earplugs in our workplace?

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Q: Can you poke out your eardrums with earplugs?

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