Take Action

Tell a colleague or friend

Help grow the community of people committed to Hearing Conservation by making people aware of the problem. When you see someone in a situation that could compromise their hearing, let them know the risks and the simple solutions. Send people to HearForever.org to learn more.

Advocate for Hearing Conservation at work

If you are a safety professional, be sure your Hearing Conservation Program is complete and clearly communicated. If you’re an employee, find out as much as you can about your company’s program and ensure that they follow through. Whatever your role, make sure that Hearing Conservation is seen as more than just one more rule to follow on the job.

Make Hearing Conservation part of your everyday life

Harmful noise isn’t limited to occupational exposure. Whether you’re at a concert, an auto race or working with power tools at home, be aware of harmful exposures and take measures to properly protect your ears — and those around you.

Join the HearForever community

Be the first to know about new developments in Hearing Conservation and learn more about how to connect with the leaders in Hearing Conservation. Join here.