Inside the HML Method


Inside the HML Method

Unlike most occupational injuries, there is no visible evidence of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). It is not traumatic and often goes unnoticed when it first occurs. Noise-induced hearing loss accumulates over time, its effects realized long after the damage has been done. NIHL is permanent and irreversible.

With proper education, motivation and protection, however, it is also 100% preventable.

Hearing conservation is about more than supplying your employees with earplugs or earmuffs that block the most noise. It is about finding the solution that’s right for your people. At Howard Leight, we realize that the people who depend on our products to protect their hearing are as diverse as you can imagine. And the ways people select the right hearing protection are just as diverse.

This guide provides you with insights and tactics to select appropriate earplugs and earmuffs for your employees based on HML attenuation values used in Europe. While there are several factors that should be considered in the selection of hearing protectors, including comfort, convenience and communication, the HML Method is an effective determinant of protection by High, Medium and Low frequencies of noise.

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